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Agile Manifesto and Values
15 Nov 2018

Agile to the rescue!

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Change your mindset and attitude. Agile to the rescue! It’s an exciting time to be agile! Sharpen your pencil to learn Agile Project Management…

…but things don’t always go as expected.

Ellie(Product Owner): Thanks Sergio. If the team can get this done quickly, our biggest customer will buy more licenses, and we’ll all get a big bonus this year!

Sergio(Project Manager for a software team): I’ll talk to the team about getting those new features into the next release.

Sergio: Hi Mr. Ian! So if we can get those new features into the next release, we’ll all get a big bonus.

Lukas (Lead Programmer): Well, that sounds like it would be great.

Sergio: Fantastic! So we can count on you guys!

Lukas: Hold on! Not so fast. I said it sounds like it would be great. But there is no way it’s happening.

Sergio: Wait, What? Don’t mess with me!

Lukas: My team has a lot of works. Your changes require huge codes and replace old one. My team want to go home at a reasonable hour and don’t want to work weekends.


First thing of Agile is a mindset and attitudes. Change your attitude toward the new requirements and don’t be too-demanding rather than working with the team. Write easier codes to maintain changes.

Looks like Sergio discovered that software projects are a lot less clean and simple in real life than they are on paper.He build the plan and force the team to work it.. and things went wrong with a lot of conflicts. He had to work a lot harder to deal with these conflicts.

Manifesto for Agile Software Development:

  1. Pay Attention to Human Factor: Value people and interactions more.
  2. Get feedback from users during development: Value working software more to show your progress.
  3. Customer relationship: Value customer collaboration  more.
  4. Embrace Change: Value responding to change more to build correct software.


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