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More Vitamin or Chemotherapy

More vitamin or Chemotherapy for your projects
project cancer
30 Aug 2018

Chemotherapy for your projects

Chemo drugs are very strong with side effects and expensive for cancer treatments. They kill any cell that’s growing fast, even if it’s not a cancer cell. So, some normal, healthy cells that grow quickly can be harmed. This can cause unpleasant side effects as likes:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hair loss
  • Bone marrow changes
  • Mouth and skin changes
  • Changes in your sex life
  • Fertility problems
  • Memory, Emotional changes

There are many scientists who have dedicated their life in the search for the cure, and there are many promising natural alternatives that can replace chemotherapy and radiation in the future. Vitamin-C, Vitamin B-17 as alternative and cheap solution.

As of today, there is no evidence that alternative medicines or ways are better than chemo drugs and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is approving chemo drugs without long duration testing (Before distributing drugs, test duration was 10 years. Now, it is 1-2 years for new chemo drugs). The latest example is an alternative research from Cuba, where a small group of scientists with a limited budget have been able to develop a vaccine against cancer that has cured more than 4000 people! The scientific community is impressed by the Cuban discovery, and many doctors claim that the cure for cancer has finally been found! (Still no evidence or politics or huge revenue because of chemo drugs, I dunno really)

Assume that your project CPI is 1.2, SPI is 1.1 which means above 1. Four months later, today CPI is 0.81 and SPI is 0.76 which means under 1. Simply, it means that your project is over-running cost and behind the schedule.

Significant changes in earned value, such as the one described, usually point to some kind of discovery on the project, especially since the product was sailing along smoothly until it appeared to hit a bump. Yes, you understood that your project is cancer and decide whether if using chemo drugs or other alternative solutions ASAP. What do you need first? Here, “management reserves” is your key item whether if you can afford chemo or alternatives?

Do you like to look for guilty or analyze critical path activities before deciding #chemotherapy?

Key stakeholders insisted on a last-minute scope change? Changing scope at the last minute would also force a change request which may cause a re-baseline of the project. This would not necessarily change its CPI or SPI.

Has the project manager not been keeping track of variances on the project to implement corrections? This is highly unlikely. For key projects, you should assign experienced PMP project manager.

What is the chemotherapy in your project?

  1. Replace PM.
  2. Hire additional expensive consultants and experts.
  3. Cancel/postpone the main requirements/functionality to next phase and dissatisfy your customer.
  4. Do not implement project quality standards like performance and users load.
  5. Compress testing duration by leaving out more test cases.

Not every project reacts in the same way to chemo. What one project suffers from another will not even though they may be on the same chemo. Please consider expensive solution and strong side effects before deciding chemo for your project. Do not forget The Pareto principle (80/20 rules), future defects operations and sunk costs. Cost of defects during project  maybe 10$ but 1000…$ during operation.

What can cure your project as alternative medicine?

  • Analyze work packages on critical path to re-estimate.
  • Use “Management reserves” to train your project resources, find senior expert inside the company.
  • Use learning curve to re-estimate future activities. Next similar activities will take less time.
  • Motivate team, feel team, feel target. Take the leadership not management.
  • Resource Smoothing: Delay some activities in their free floats.



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