TypeOnsite Course
DateApr 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
Time1 Day
PlaceYangon, KL, Bangkok, Singapore
Classroom TrainingCorporate Group Training


“Marketing for Product Managers and new Marketers!”

  • Understanding Marketing Researches
  • Differentiate between Direct, Indirect, Substitute, and Potential competitors
  • Find and compare competitors and competing products
  • Understanding the role of a Product Manager through different types and sizes of companies
  • Decide which type of Product Manger best fits one’s goals and personality
  • Understand the Product Lifecycle and how it applies to every product
  • Understand the modern Product Development Process that both Fortune 500s and Startups adhere to
  • Know how to identify ideas worth pursuing and dedicating resources to
  • Understand how to get at the root of customer pain points
  • Understand and communicate customer pain by type and frequency
  • Assess the core problem of a product
  • Understand the process of Customer Development and how it relates to being a Product Manager
  • How to find potential interviewees for product interviews, user tests, and exploratory interviews
  • How to structure and run a customer interview
  • How to model interview questions correctly while avoiding bias
  • Navigate the four different types of customer interviews
  • Find potential interviewees both internally and externally
  • Write emails that will get users and potential customers to respond
  • Build user personas based on both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Run a variety of MVP experiments, such as pitch experiments, redirects, shadow buttons, and more
  • Correctly evaluate which product metrics to track and which to ignore
  • Apply the AARRR framework to your product
  • Track your metrics using a variety of software
  • Create a product and feature roadmap
  • Create a product backlog and properly prioritize features
  • Calculate team velocity and build estimations for product delivery
  • and MORE…

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