TypeOnsite Course
DateMar 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
Time3 Days
PlaceYangon, KL, Bangkok, Singapore
Classroom TrainingCorporate Group Training


Agile Practitioner Preparation Course!

What will you learn?

  • Understanding Agile Project Management

·         What is Agile?

·         Agile Principles

·         Agile Families, Scrum, XP, FDD, DSDM

  • Agile Value Driven Delivery

§  Value Stream Mapping and Product Roadmap

§  Customer-Valued Prioritization

§  Implementing Kanban Boards

§  Value Planning, Delivery and Confirmation

  • Agile Stakeholder Engagement

§  Incorporate Stakeholder Values and Stakeholder Alignment

§  The effective use of User Stories, Wireframes and Personas

§  Stakeholder Communication using Information Radiators, Burn Down Charts and Velocity

§  12 Principles of leading Agile Projects

  • Boosting Team Performance Practices

§  Understanding Team Performance

§  Building Agile Team

§  Agile Team Highly Productive Practices

  • Adaptive Planning

§  The Art of Agile Planning

§  Time-boxing, Iteration and Release Planning

§  Agile Innovation Games

§  Agile Estimation using Stories points, Wideband Delphi and Planning Poker

  • Problem Detection and Resolution

§  Addressing Quality in Agile

§  Failure Modes and Alternatives

§  Problems Resolution Techniques

  • Continuous Improvement

§  Agile Retrospective

§  Knowledge Sharing

§  PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Who can participate this course?

If you already use agile practices or your organization is adopting agile methods, earning the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification will demonstrate your knowledge of and commitment to this rapidly growing approach to project management.

PMO leaders, traditional Project Managers working with agile developers and Project Managers looking for more successful ways for projects planning and execution and people implementing Agile in Waterfall environment.

Project team members who are inspired to gain the knowledge of how the Agile methodologies could assist them in their everyday works.



For delegates seeking to sit for the PMI-ACP exam, this course will provide you the required 21 contact hours of formal Agile Project Management Training required by PMI.

Delegates are also required to submit their 2,000 hours general project management experience and 1,500 agile project experience via PMI website

Our instructor will provide comprehensive guidance during the class for this process. For details, please refer to the PMI-ACP Credential Handbook at or contact us.



The PMP examination is a multiple choice, closed-book format exam, conducted using computer-based testing (CBT). There are 120 questions and candidates have 3 hours to complete the exam.

21 Contacts Hours for Agile Practices and 21 PDU for PMP will be available upon completion of the course.

Course Description

In acknowledging the importance of how Agile methodologies is key to handle today’s ever challenging project management landscape, PMI’s Agile Project Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® is a global credential in demonstrating your professional versatility in project management in agile principles, practices, tools and techniques.

This PMI-ACP Examination Preparation course helps you understand the core principles of Agile practices in multiple domains and provides the knowledge to pass the demanding and challenging examinations. Our training sessions are based on the latest PMI-ACP guidelines.


On completion of this 3-day course, delegates would have been exposed to our proven and customized approach of preparation for the PMI-ACP examination via:

  • Exam-focused training
  • Exam success strategies
  • Mock sessions to simulate the actual exam
  • Advice to participants on the application process for the PMI-ACP certification

Dates & Place

January-June 2019 available in YANGON and Other cities.

Please ask for available

  • It will be held in training center or company premises which will be announced to the participants.
    • Projector, flip-charts, White-board & audio system
    • Location – easy to find on a map, convenient location
    • Air-conditioning/Good room lighting
    • Tea/coffee/water/cookies available anytime
    • Wireless and Internet access
    • Wide-desks and sitting area

Price and Discounts

  • Duration: 3 Days (21 Hours)
  • Course Certificate. “Certificate of Completion”
  • Quizzes in every lecture
  • Early Register and Payment 30% discount. Please register or email/call us.

Corporate: Please ask for special discount.