Agile Fundamentals (WoW)

Agile Certification

Agile Fundamentals (WoW)

  • Course Duration:4 hours
  • International business experienced senior instructors
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Agile Fundamentals (WoW)

Project Management skills are for everyone! Project Management Isn’t Just For Project Managers.

An agile is a very empowering process that helps companies design and build the right product. It helps them analyze and improve their product throughout its development. This enables companies to produce a highly valuable product so they stay competitive in the market.

Agile is a mindset that helps teams provide quick and unpredictable responses to the feedback they receive on their project. It creates opportunities to assess a project’s direction during the development cycle. Teams assess the project in regular meetings called sprints or iterations.

To succeed in a changing world, organizations need to become more agile, more responsive to customer needs and market changes. This course will equip agile teams, leaders and managers to help their organizations change.

What will you learn:
  • Introduction
  • Agile and Mindset
  • 4 values, 12 Principles
  • Does Agile really fit into your organization?
  • Work Efficiency (Value Stream Map)
  • Product Box Game
  • XP Events and Roles
  • XP Practices
  • Scrum vs Kanban
  • Scrum Framework
  • Certification Bodies
Who can participate this course?
  • Marketing & Sales
  • IT Teams
  • Engineering Dept.
  • Management
  • Planning Dept.
  • PMO
  • Project Managers
  • QA Team
  • Software Engineers
  • Manufacturing
  • Functional Managers
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