Navesse Foundation


Navesse Foundation is a part of CSR Program by Navesse Training and Consulting Group.

Missions of Navesse Foundation Program:
With the belief in “Education for All”

  • To support financial aids to the outstanding students in need for their College/University
  • To contribute better lives with quality education
  • To bring up successful people in the relative community


Candidates must:
  • be the nationality of the Asean Country
  • be college/university students currently enrolled or planned to enroll in schools and universities in the Asean Country.
  • Proof of the financial situation
  • Father or Mother alive or not

For University Students

Navesse Foundation, a non-governmental organization, have been providing education support with full scholarship to young people, whose mothers or fathers are not alive, financial status is insufficient and who are successful, starting from the 1st year of the colleague/university to the graduation.

Navesse Foundation's Scholarship Form

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