Revza Yıldırım
(HR Expert)

Corporate Trainer


I have 15+ years-experience as a HR Expert in various industries with the top expertise of Change Management, Performance Management and Coaching.

With a very adventurous career with lot of people, systems and cultures, I’m passionate about feedback, development, setting targets and metrics in processes. Along with HR Passion, I am actively undertaking Engagement, Facilitator and Motivator.

I’m composed of highly agile and result oriented brain, a very high sense of humor and fun, and last but not least a very high sense of getting know of people. I’m preparing myself for a totally new perspectives in my job.


  • Galatasaray Üniversitesi (2002)
  • Notre Dame de Sion (1997)
  • Hasan Ali Yücel İlkokulu (1989)