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PMP mini contest

PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONTEST according to PMBOK 6th Edition 50 Questions / 60 minutes

Welcome to your PMP Contest 50Q

50 Questions / 60 minutes

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1. A project manager reviews surveys from participants of a recent project meeting. Based on the feedback provided, it is evident that attendees in the back of the meeting room had difficulty hearing the speakers and seeing the slide presentation. Some have suggested having the presenters use microphones as well as distributing hard copies of the presentation before the meeting, so all of the attendees can better follow along.

What should the project manager do next?
2. To complete some of the project activities, the project manager supplements physical resources assigned to the project with those outside the control of the project team but available from within the organization.

What should the project manager do?
3. The project manager on a project to build a manufacturing plant is having trouble getting the attention of the company’s CEO, who is one of the projects stakeholders. However, the project’s architect who is designing the plant and works with the project manager on a daily basis is a close friend of the CEO.

Should the project manager exploit the architect’s relationship with the CEO to open lines of communication?
4. A project has a 90% chance of making $200,000 profit and a 10% chance of incurring a loss of $50,000.

If calculate the expected monetary value, what is the expected outcome of the project?
5. A project manager is asked by senior management to share information on a critical project update with the appropriate stakeholders. The project manager needs to decide how the information should be communicated and is debating whether to post an informal memo to the company’s internal website or email a formal report to the stakeholders.

Based on this situation, what technique or consideration for effective communication is the project manager using?
6. Jeff is a new project manager who has just received his first project. The senior manager warns him that a previous project had run into trouble.

Which of the following is the best source that would allow him to better plan his project?
7. Midway into project execution, a competitor is about to release a product similar to the one planned to be delivered by your project. If the competitor launches their product to the market before you, your project will be deemed as failed.

With a response prepared to run some of the development activities in parallel, what should you do next?
8. You are leading a project to be developed incrementally in small releases. Requirements have been established for the initial release. Feedback from a focus group determines the scope of each  subsequent release. The client has established a strict budget for the entire project.

In this adaptive environment, which is the best way to proceed?
9. A project manager is conducting a meeting with the project team regarding communication methods and content of their project. The meeting is very productive as best practices are shared as well as suggestions to improve project communications. After the meeting, the project manager asks one of the team members to archive the meeting minutes and the presentation materials for future reference.

What will be updated?
10. To manage a team of highly specialized software developers on an agile project, you are using a Kanban system with strict work in progress (WIP) limits to expose bottlenecks. During project execution, one of the left the project, and you need to back fill the position.

In searching for a replacement developer, which of the following characteristics would be of greatest value to the team in this project environment?
11. In what process will the project manager track team member performance, provide feedback, resolve issues, and manage changes to optimize project performance?
12. A request for proposal (RFP) has been sent out to prospective sellers. The sellers’ responses came back with a much higher cost than expected. However, per company policy, if the responses meet the specifications and the quality requirements, which the responses do, the requested service must be selected from one of these sellers.

What is the best course of action for the project manager?
13. You are in the process of officially closing your project.

As project manager, what will be your last task tor this project?
14. As the project manager, once your internal project team members are assigned, you ensure they can log in and have read and write permissions for the project repository, where all project related documents are electronically stored. Selected external stakeholders may be provided logins with limited access and read-only permissions.

What type of communication do you encourage in this situation?
15. Which of the following is a tool or technique of the Control Scope process?
16. You are leading a project to construct a new runway at an existing commercial airport. After completion of the project, the residents under the flight path of the new runway are making noise complaints and want the airport to compensate them for the diminished values of their homes.

What might you have missed earlier in the project?
17. You are leading a project using a scrum framework. To enhance stakeholder engagement on your project, you have invited key stakeholders to participate in upcoming sprint planning and retrospectives.

What tool or technique are you planning to use in this situation?
18. You’re the project Manager in your organization. Your team members report to you, and you handle their yearly performance review. You are also responsible for resolving issues, in case there are any. It is your responsibility to release the resources when the project is completed so that they can start new project.

What kind of organization do you work in?
19. A project manager is in the process of estimating the costs of a project to construct a 300,000 square foot shopping mall. Based on historical data, the project manager uses a value of $400 per square foot and estimates the cost at  $120,000,000.

What estimating technique is the project manager using?
20. A project manager is in the execution stage of a construction project. Poor weather conditions that have hampered progress on the project caused the project to fall behind schedule Additionally, two of the vendors have been unable to perform as contracted. The project manager now needs to implement the responses planned for these risks.

What tool or technique will be most valuable to the project manager in this scenario?
21. David, Who is a manager, calls you one day to request your input in developing the project charter.

As the PMBOK, your contribution to the project could be termed as:
22. A project manager is informed by a project stakeholder that the newest project team member has, on more than one occasion, arrived to work more than 30 minutes late. This news comes as a surprise as you haven’t had any similar issues with the project team previously.

What may have prevented this situation?
23. You are managing a project to reformulate a reagent using a new supplier’s raw materials. An essential requirement of the new reagent is that when it is used for testing, the same sample should return the same results consistently. You are looking for a way to determine if the reagent measurements are stable and have predictable performance.

Which of the following tools and techniques can help you the most?
24. The Collect Requirements process has outputs, including requirements documentation.

Which is the other output?
25. Which of the following is not considered a project?
According to Project Schedule Network Diagram, What is the Critical Path and Total float of the project?
27. After checking the internal resources, the project manager realizes that the company does not have developers who are experienced in programming required for the project.

What should the project manager do next?
28. The outputs of the Create WBS process include the project scope statement, the work package(s), the planning package(s), the WBS dictionary, and updates to the assumption log and the requirements documentation.

Which of the following outputs is missing from this list?
29. You have just started a project. Some of the risks that you are anticipating for this project might have surfaced in previous projects.

Which of the following would you review to see how these risks and issues were handled?
30. You are working on a project to be completed in 24 months. The BAC of the project is 200,000 USD. 12 months have passed, you have spent 110,000 USD, and 60% of the work has been completed.

What is To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) for this project?
31. You are leading a project to build a new professional sports stadium, and you are in the process of implementing the Stakeholder Engagement Plan. In order to ensure continued support of the project by the most influential stakeholders, you have arranged for a meet and greet with some of the professional athletes that will be Playing in the new stadium.

What is the best way for you to determine which stakeholders to invite to the meet and greet?
32. Monthly audits were performed to determine if project activities comply with corporate policies, procedures, and best practices. Throughout the project, the results of the monthly audits indicated that the team was in compliance. However, at the end of the project, it was determined that some of the project activities did not comply with organizational policies.

What most likely caused these compliance gaps to be missed during the audits?
33. Executive Stakeholders are failing to engage in a project.

What is the best course of action for the Project Manager?
34. You are a project manager on a data analytics project. When you planned the project, your enterprise environmental factors included a policy which stated that any increase of the budget over 5% must be approved by the VP-Finance. One of your important stakeholders has submitted a Change Request that would require a 6% increase in the project budget. Your company has an outsourcing effort, and you believe that a small alteration to the way this change is requested could allow you to take advantage of it and reduce your costs by half.

What is the best way to handle this type of situation?
35. The Plan Procurement Management process has ten outputs, including
• Procurement management plan
• Procurement strategy
• Bid documents
• Procurement statement of work
• Source selection criteria
• Make-or-buy decisions
• Change requests
• Project documents updates
• Organizational process assets updates

Which of the following outputs is missing from the list?
36. You are a Project Manager working for a very small organization where everyone shares multiple roles and responsibilities. Everyone reports to the owner of the company. What type of organization are you working?
37. As part of quality assurance, a project manager wants to ensure that all features of the deliverable are working as designed and meet the acceptance criteria included in the scope baseline.

What is the best approach to verify functionality and ensure that nothing is overlooked in this process?
38. A highway construction project is about to use a large charge of dynamite when the construction manager notices the demolition team joking about the amount of charge being used. The construction manager postpones detonation and calls in the safety manager to talk with the team about safety around explosives.

What does this situation exemplify?
39. According to the resource management plan, to accommodate for limited storage capacity, lumber should be purchased and delivered in the just-in-time fashion (JIT) in small shipments for the duration of the project. As project execution begins, the project manager learns of an opportunity to acquire lumber in one shipment but at a greatly reduced price from a supplier that has just entered the marketplace. Even with the added storage should all the lumber arrive in one big shipment, the cost savings will be significant.

What is the best course of action for the project manager?
40. You are a Project Manager and have borrowed two resources from the Functional Manager for a product development project. The two resources, Ryan and Harris, constantly argue about two product features. Due to this, the deliverable have missed some deadlines. What should you do in this scenario?
41. Which of the following is an output of the Direct and Manage Project Work process?
42. You are facilitating a meeting with several subject matter experts and the project team. The goal of this meeting is to obtain a comprehensive list of individual project risks and sources of overall project risk. The free-form style of the meeting is proving to be highly productive with active participation from all of the meeting participants.

Which tool or technique is being used in this scenario?
43. You are concerned that too many quality audits drove the project costs beyond the planned value.

To which cost group would you categorize these audits?

What are Free Float & Total Float for Activity G?

45. Your CTO requested a feasibility study comparing two separate software platforms. What plan/document would you share with him/her?
46. As part of your communication strategy, you plan to create a website to share information with the project stakeholders.

What type of communication method is this?
47. A project manager is leading a project to manufacture a new type of wheel for the automobile industry. The first lot of wheels has been created, and the project manager wants to know if the quality objectives have been met.

What should the project manager do next?
48. To help improve the communication of a virtual team, the project manager deploys an online chat tool with channels for various topics that everyone uses while working. Often, all is quiet, but sometimes, there are sudden long streams of chat about many topics, both related and unrelated to the project work. The chat stream can be quite distracting, and it is often difficult to find important points that relate to work.

What is the best course of action for the project manager?
49. A client informs Tom, the project manager that they have run out of money to pay for the completion of the project.

What should Tom do first?
50. You are a Project Manager and you have received a meeting invite from your Senior Manager. The title of the meeting is: Kill Point Meeting. What is the purpose of this meeting?