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The difference between a project, program and portfolio is:

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A collection of related projects that are managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits is called a:

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The PMI Talent Triangle focuses on which 3 key skills set?

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of a project?

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Operational work is different from project work is that operational work is:

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In which project management process group is the detailed project budget created?

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A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the activity of the project is called a:

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Considerations of ongoing operations and maintenance are crucially important to products of projects. Ongoing operations and maintenance should:

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The project management process groups are:

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All of the following are examples of Organizational Process Assets EXCEPT:

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a project ?

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A typical title for a Project Manager in a weak matrix structure is:

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All below are Prerequisites for being eligible to take (PMP)® exam, EXCEPT:

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Which one is the correct about the PMP exam?

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What is the PMBOK® ?

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What is the PASS Score in PMP Exam?

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Which domain has highest percentage of questions in PMP Exam?

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How many knowledge areas (KA) and Process groups (PG) inside PMBOOK?

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Which of the following would be one of the last tasks for a project manager to perform as part of the administrative closure of a project?

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Your CTO requested a feasibility study comparing two separate software platforms. What plan/document would you share with him/her?

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