Building a Trust in business

The solid relationships we establish in business and social life are based primarily on trust. We can develop long-term relationships with people we trust.


If the concept of trust was adapted to the equation, would it be possible to build the right relationships with the right people?


Yes, there is such an equation. Charles H. Green, author of The Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling, presented the equation of trust to readers. Let’s open up a little bit about the variables in this equation that I put in the image of the post.


Credibility: Do we know what we’re talking about? Do our words reassure you?


Reliability : Are we putting our words into action? Is what we’re doing and what we’re talking about consistent?


Intimacy: Do we have any doubts about the other side when communicating or entrusting something to someone?


Self-orientation: Can we keep our personal interests in the background when the time comes?


As we will remember from the mathematical knowledge, as the value of the denominator increases, the value of the result decreases.


In a nutshell; People who always put their personal interests first are unlikely to form trust-based relationships.